1. [pending conference]
    Improving Hydrological Forecasting Capacities in the Amazon Region
    AGU Fall Meeting, December 2021
    Jim Nelson, Jorge Luis Sanchez Lozano, Giovanni Romero, Riley Hales, Daniel P. Ames
  2. [pending conference]
    Enabling Access to Essential Water Data through GEOGloWS Toolbox
    AGU Fall Meeting, December 2021
    Riley Hales, Jim Nelson, Rohit Khattar, Dan Ames
  3. [pending journal article]
    Extending SC-PDSI-PM with Neural Network Regression using GLDAS Data and Permutation Feature Importance
    Saul Ramirez, Riley Hales, Gus Williams, Norm Jones
  4. [pending journal article]
    Enabling Regional Deployment of Web-Based Environmental Analysis Tools for the Group on Earth Observations Global Water Sustainability Initiative – GEOGloWS
    Rohit Khattar, Riley Chad Hales, Daniel P. Ames, E. James Nelson, Norm Jones, Gus Williams
  5. [journal article]
    The Grids Python Tool for Querying Spatiotemporal Multidimensional Water Data
    Riley Chad Hales, E. James Nelson, Gustavious P. Williams, Norman L. Jones, Daniel P. Ames, J. Enoch Jones
    MDPI Water, Manuscript water-1247798, 27 July 2021
    doi: 10.3390/w13152066
  6. [conference - presentation]
    GEOGloWS ECMWF Streamflow
    Riley Hales
    GEO Symposium 2021, 24 June 2021
    Conference Page Presentation Recording
  7. [conference - presentation]
    Introduction to GEOGloWS ECMWF Streamflow
    Riley Hales
    Hydrospace, 10 June 2021
  8. [article]
    Predicting Disasters Using Global Water Intelligence
    Jim Nelson, Riley Hales, Angelica Gutierrez-Magness
    Scientia, 9 June 2021
    doi: 10.33548/SCIENTIA682
  9. [journal article]
    Hydroviewer: A Web Application to Localize Global Hydrologic Forecasts
    Kyler R. Ashby, Riley Chad Hales, Jim Nelson, Daniel P. Ames, Gustavious P. Williams
    Open Water Journal, Vol. 7 Iss. 1 Article 9, 7 June 2021
    Journal Page
  10. [journal article]
    A Streamflow Bias Correction and Performance Evaluation Web Application for GEOGloWS ECMWF Streamflow Services
    Jorge Sanchez Lozano, Giovanni Romero Bustamante, Riley Hales, E James Nelson, Gustavious P Williams, Daniel P Ames, Norman L Jones
    MDPI Hydrology, 25 April 2021
    doi: 10.3390/hydrology8020071
  11. [thesis]
    A New Method and Python Toolkit for General Access to Spatiotemporal N-Dimensional Raster Data
    Riley Chad Hales
    BYU Theses and Dissertations, 29 March 2021
    Scholars Archive Page
  12. 2020

  13. [conference - poster]
    A Streamflow Bias Correction and Validation Method for GEOGloWS ECMWF Streamflow Services
    Jorge Luis Sanchez, Jim Nelson, Gustavious P Williams, Riley Hales, Daniel P Ames, Norm Jones
    AGU Fall Meeting, 15 December 2020
    Abstract ID GC103-008
  14. [conference - presentation]
    A post-processing method to calibrate large-scale hydrologic models with limited historical observation data leveraging machine learning and spatial analysis
    Riley Hales, Jorge Luis Sanchez, Jim Nelson, Gustavious P Williams, Daniel P Ames, Norm Jones
    AGU Fall Meeting, 11 December 2020
    Abstract ID H121-07 Presentation Video
  15. [conference - poster]
    A Web-based Framework for Managing and Sharing Earth-observation Applications for Water Resources
    Rohit Khattar, Riley Hales, Daniel P Ames, Jim Nelson, Norm Jones, Gustavious P Williams
    AGU Fall Meeting, 8 December 2020
  16. [article]
    BYU software predicts the rise and fall of every river on earth; agencies like NASA are using it to save lives worldwide
    Todd Hollingshead
    BYU University Communications
    View on BYU page
  17. 2019

  18. [conference - poster]
    Global Water Sustainability Tools from Earth Observations for the Americas
    Jim Nelson, Jason Biesinger, Norm Jones, Daniel P Ames, Riley Hales, Gustavious P Williams, Angelica Gutierrez-Magness, Chris Edwards, Kyler Ashby, Rohit Khattar
    AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 12 December 2019
    Abstract ID GC41C-07
  19. [conference - poster]
    Developing a drought monitoring and sub-seasonal to seasonal forecast system for South Asia
    Yifan Zhou, Benjamin Zaitchik, Mir Abdul Matin, Faisal M Qamer, Ryan Zamora, Sujay V Kumar, Jim Nelson, Kiran Shakya,Riley Hales
    AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 10 December 2019
    Abstract ID A23U-3022
  20. [journal article]
    Enabling Stakeholder Decision-Making with Earth Observation and Modeling Data Across the SERVIR Hubs using Tethys Platform
    Nelson, E. James, Sarva T. Pulla, Mir A. Matin, Kiran Shakya, Norman L. Jones, Daniel P. Ames, Lee Ellenburg, Kel. N. Markert, Cedric H. David, Benjamin F. Zaitchik, Patrick Gatlin, Riley Hales
    Frontiers in Environmental Science: Freshwater Science, 9 October 2019
    doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2019.00148
  21. [conference - poster]
    A Global Earth Observation App as a Data Access Interface
    Riley Hales, Jim Nelson
    CUAHSI Hydroinformatics Conference 2019
  22. [conference - paper & presentation]
    Predicting Streamflow in Cuba for Water Resource Management
    Chris Edwards, Riley Hales, Jacob Lewis
    CISC Cuban Infrastructure Competition 2019